Ideal Wife

Please read slowly:

What’s your ideal wife looks like? Is she normally thin or skinny? Is she tall? What dress she’s wearing? Is she wearing jilbab or let her hair loose? What about her skin? Her teeth and lips? Her smile?

How does she call you? Mas, kak, Abi, Aa’, or just your 1st name? What about the way she look at you? Can you tell how much she loves you just by look in to her eyes?

What’s her first word when she calls you on the phone? What’s it sound like? Do you feel happiness or sadness in it? Can you feel the energy that tells you she’s strong and reliable? Can you sense that in some situation, she’s really vulnerable?

What about her family? Brother/Sister she has? Are they kind? What about her parents? What they do for a living? Is it possible for you to have their heritage? (hehehe, just kidding)

What about her education? What major did she take? Have you ever asked her why she took it? What magazine she reads? What movies she likes? What’s her fav TV shows? Serie A? :p Does she share what she thought with you? About religion, economics, physics, health, or anything else…

I’ve been told in one of my classes in Mechanical Engineering, that every object has natural frequency. This is also true for human. This can explain why most of artists marry artist, dokter dengan dokter, insinyur dgn insinyur, ekonom dgn ekonom, orang kaya dgn orang kaya, dll… karena mereka memiliki frekuensi natural yang sama. Tanpa saling mengatakan mereka mengerti maksud satu sama lain, ini seperti lagu Ronan Keating: You say it best, when you say nothing at all… 😉

Kalo kata Anthony Robbins, someone that you can pitch and catch with, yang hubungannya emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually. Stuju pak Robbins !

(ditulis dengan membayangkan Susan Bachtiar)


5 tanggapan untuk “Ideal Wife

  1. kethoke iki kegelisahan yang hampir sama kayak ngerjain PR atau ujian “last minute answer”….he…he….
    Tenang Nu, let it flow jare orang-orang tua bilang.


  2. Frekuensi natural sama tidak harus berbadan sama Pak Dimas, bisa berbeda jauh… Sebagai contoh derap tentara dapat menghasilkan frekuensi natural pada jembatan, putaran mesin pada frekuensi tertentu dapat menggetarkan blok engine, dll. Jadi saya kira yang penting bukan di esensi badannya, tapi harmoni yang terbentuk dari interaksi keduanya. [ngomong opo to aku iki…. ???]

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